Fortis 900XE HD
Step on the pedals. Stride at your leisure. The Fortis 900XE will carry you leisurely through a cross-training session you never thought you could.
22" Multimedia Touch Screen
Comes with a dozens of training programs to choose from, 8 of which are virtual scene training programs. Take in the sceneries of the outdoors.
Oversized Close-up Pedal Design
Oversized pedals combined with small distance spacing ensure a comfortable training experience for users while reducing lower back pressure.
Key Features
Heart Rate Monitor, Integrated Tray
Inductive heart rate armrests provide users with precise continuous heart rate data. Integrated debris tray and bottle cage for user convenience.
Efficient Quick Set Up
Intuitive and user friendly interface allows easy navigation.
Multiple Resistance Level
With up to 40 resistance levels, users can define their own training regimen base on their needs.
Screen Protector
The unique screen protection bump cushions shocks during exercise.
Technical Specifications

Resistance Range


Maximum Weight


Product Weight


More choices
Fortis 900X Cross Trainer
Achieve a low-impact total body training with all-rounded ergonomic support, engaging the smoothest full body workout.
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