Fortis 900TE HD
The most high-end model of the 900 series, which combines a sense of technology and design. Brand new configuration 22-inch high-definition HD touch screen, immersive fitness experience Original imported lubrication-free running belts and running boards provide greater comfort and longer service life.
22-inch HD touch screen
It has a rich built-in domestic entertainment APP, including bilibili, iQiyi, Douyin, NetEase Cloud Music... you can watch videos, listen to music, and read news. It covers a variety of sports modes, including marathon pace running, map running, and outdoor real-life running. , high-intensity interval training, Internet ranking competitions, real-person coaching courses, etc., enjoy immersive smart fitness
Enrich training programs
It contains a variety of training modes. Marathon pace running includes Beijing International, Xiamen International, Shanghai International Marathon and many other major events. The map running mode supports various views such as real scene, satellite, and night. The preset programs include gentle fat burning, effective Modes such as oxygen endurance and hill hiking; equipped with scientific physical fitness tests, including professional physical fitness tests such as the U.S. Navy Physical Test and the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test
Live coaching courses
Professional coaches at home and abroad provide guidance and invite fitness experts to your home without leaving home. Covering beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, from endurance training to explosive strength training, you can enjoy a scientific fitness experience. Coaching courses cover different equipment, providing professional guidance for different aerobic training such as treadmills, elliptical machines, upright bicycles, and recumbent bicycles.
Swiss quality belts & Decks from the USA
It adopts high-strength running boards imported from the United States and Swiss lubrication-free running belts, and contains 8 types of shock absorbers. It provides users with a high-quality shock-absorbing experience while extending service life and reducing operating costs. Equipped with USB port, headphone jack, storage rack/reading rack, towel hanging rack, and debris tray, you can enjoy whatever you want
Key Features
Skillful Manufacturing
Using high-quality steel pipes originating in Taiwan, the frame and the vertical handrail are welded in one piece to ensure the strength and stability of the equipment
Outstanding Quality
The treadmill adopts a running board imported from the United States and a maintenance-free running belt from Switzerland, which provides users with a high-quality shock absorption experience, while extending the service life of the treadmill and reducing operating costs.
Intimate Customization
4 different treadmill models - 900TE\900Ti\900T\900TC, to meet the needs of different people, usage channels and budgets
Preferred Design
The detailed design of X-shaped slot for mobile phone, sundries tray, JPad bracket with towel hanging hole, anti-skid handrail, etc., all originate from the designer's deep thinking on user habits.
Technical Specifications

Technical Parameters motor

AC 6.0 HP

Running mode

Electric Running Belt Mode

Speed Range

0.8-25 km/h 0.5-15.6 mph

Incline Range

0-20 %

Product Weight


Screen Size

22 inches

More choices
Fortis 900TI
The FORTIS 900TI is a powerful high-quality multimedia treadmill that stimulates an audiovisual feast and
enhances your gym experience.
Fortis 900TC
Run free; unblocked from views in front and around you or simply be in your own world with your personal mobile device.
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