Fortis 900R
Enjoy a cardio workout that is easier, safer and more comfortable. Stress your knees less. Work out longer. Watch those calories burn off every time you try out one of the many built-in programs.
White LED Screen
Monitor your heart rate, choose and/or set your program and achieve your training goals. Be in control of your training.
Clear Screen Design
With intuitive and concise on-screen data, users can clearly see their riding distance, time, resistance, calories, heart rate, power, etc.
Sliding Seat
Convenient for rehabilitation, let users slide unto their seat with little to no qualms.
Key Features
Ergonomic Design
The backrest design of the bike fully adopts ergonomic principles to bring users the best training experience under low-intensity aerobic training conditions
Multiple Resistance Levels
With 24 resistance levels, users can choose the appropriate training intensity according to their training requirements to meet the various needs.
Shortcut Keys and Continuous Heart Rate Monitor
Intuitive user interface allows you to easily navigate through all the functions.
Humanized Details
The unique screen protection bump cushions shocks during exercise.
Technical Specifications

Resistance Range


Maximum Weight


Product Weight


More choices
Fortis 900RE HD
A boost to your cardio session with the accessibility of a multimedia feast packed with a variety of programs and social media platforms.
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