Freeway TE
The pinnacle of DO!T treadmills. The smoothest running experience meets multimedia touch screen console.
19" Multimedia Touchscreen
Access to different social media platforms and over 40 built-in fitness programs to engage and enhance your workout experience.
Incredible Shock Absorption
DO!T vulcanized rubber slat belt offers you the swiftest running experience with its extraordinary shock-absorbing properties.
Robust Construction
Made of high-quality steel to ensure resilience and durability.
Key Features
Affordable Maintenance Costs
With the lubrication-free running slat belt, there is little to no need for maintenance or servicing.
Fully Loaded Bearing Design
Our slat belt uses 120 ball bearings to minimize friction and sound - creating the smoothest and quietest run in the market with minimal use of electrical power.
Quality Components
Control panel and circuitry are assembled with quality, stability, and durability in mind.
Exellent Shock Absorption Design
Balancing shock absorption and push-offs. The sweet spot for runners who want protection on their knee joints yet not lose their feel on push-offs.
Technical Specifications


AC 6.0 HP

Running Mode

Free running mode (User-driven) + electric running belt mode (Motor-driven)

Speed Range

0.8-25 km/h 0.5-15.6 mph

Incline Range

0-20 %

Product Weight


More choices
Freeway T
Featuring exceptional comfort and versatility, Freeway T is the treadmill solution for your fitness needs. This treadmill is designed to imitate the feel of running outdoors, providing a dynamic and low-impact workout in mind.
Freeway Eco
Freeway Eco combines cardio and resistance training for an all-in-one superior workout.
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