The top-model of the Freeway series, Freeway TE features both motor-driven and user-driven operation modes. Its slat-belt system is lubrication-free
One- touch switch
One- touch switch between Free-Wheel mode and Motor-Driven mode; providing a swifter training experience.
Built-in heart rate sensor
Built-in heart rate sensor on the handles monitors your training intensity. Includes buttons to adjust inclintion and speed, giving users a comfortable experience.
19 inch high definition TFT touchscreen
19” HD touchscreen for access to diffeerent social media platforms including up to 40 built-in fitness programs to engage and entertain you throughout your workout.
Key Features
Affordable Maintenance Costs
With the lubrication-free running belt, there is little to no need for maintenance or servicing.
Comfortable Bearing Design
120 ball bearings that create a mute effect, a smoother running belt, reduced friction, and power energy saving.
Region Exclusive Components
Taiwan-originated control panel and circuit board ensure the quality, stability, and durability of the screen.
Excellent Shock Absorption Design
Excellent shock absorption and comfort, it is most beneficial to athletes who want to feel like they are running outdoors.
Technical Specifications


AC 6.0 HP

Running Mode

Free running mode (no motor operation) + electric running belt mode

Speed Range

0.8-25 km/h 0.5-15.6 mph

Incline Range

0-20 %

Product Weight


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