Fortis 900TI
The Fortis 900TI won in the Product Design category for the 2018 IDA Design Awards with the help of Italian designers.
Unique Dual-Screen Design
22" HD network design touchscreen TV provides digital entertainment.
Unique phone slot design, convenient shortcut keys
X-shaped phone slot to place your mobile device. Convenient shortcut keys to improve user experience.
Heart-Rate Monitoring, Fan Settings
Comes built-in with accurate heart rate monitor and built-fans on both sides of the armrests.
Key Features
Skillful Manufacturing
Sturdy and welded as one piece with high-quality Taiwanese steel pipes. This ensures stability and longevity.
Outstanding Quality
Consisting of a running board imported from USA and running belt imported from Switzerland, providing users with a swift yet comfortable experience when running.
Intimate Customization
With 4 models to choose from (900TE, 900Ti, 900T and 900TC), users have the option to pick based on preference and budget.
Preferred Design
Everything was designed with the users in mind. (Phone slot, Towel holder, Anti-skid handrail, etc.)
Technical Specifications


AC 6.0 HP

Running Mode

Electric Running belt mode

Speed Range

0.8-25 km/h 0.5-15.6 mph

Incline Range

0-20 %

Product Weight


More choices
Fortis 900TE HD
The FORTIS 900TE HD is a multimedia HD LCD touch screen display using powerful operating systems, created from high quality
Italian craftsmanship.
Fortis 900TC
Run free; unblocked from views in front and around you or simply be in your own world with your personal mobile device.
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