Fortis 900TE
Fortis 900TE is the highest and models of 900 series. It has a combination of good design and advanced technology.
X-shaped mobile phone slots
X-shaped mobile phone slots keep your phone secure. A bottle holder intergrated with a sundry tray makes convenient storage.
Heart rate sensors
Heart rate sensors on the handles monitors your training intensity. Built -in cooling fans on both sides helps cools you down during workout
19 inch high definition TFT touchscreen
19" multimedia touchcreen with dozens of training programs and 9 on-demand virtual workouts will give you immersive experience of enjoying the scenery of different countries. Web, movie, social media apps, screen mirroring. we have all of what you want.
Key Features
Skillful Manufacturing
Using high-quality steel pipes originating in Taiwan, the frame and the vertical handrail are welded in one piece to ensure the strength and stability of the equipment
Outstanding Quality
The treadmill adopts a running board imported from the United States and a maintenance-free running belt from Switzerland, which provides users with a high-quality shock absorption experience, while extending the service life of the treadmill and reducing operating costs.
Intimate Customization
4 different treadmill models - 900TE\900Ti\900T\900TC, to meet the needs of different people, usage channels and budgets
Preferred Design
The detailed design of X-shaped slot for mobile phone, sundries tray, JPad bracket with towel hanging hole, anti-skid handrail, etc., all originate from the designer's deep thinking on user habits.
Technical Specifications


AC 6.0 HP

Running Surface

Belt & Deck

Speed Range

0.8-25 km/h 0.5-15.6 mph

Incline Range

0-20 %

Product Weight


Screen Size

19 inches

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